Erntfescht 2012

Distelfink Sippschaft and Hottenstein Freibesitz each held their Erntfescht events on the weekend of September 22-23.

Hottenstein collected 97 pounds of food that went to food banks in Schuylkill and Carbon Counties. The farmers in the fellowship traded some specialty crops with each other (squash for cabbage, apples for grapes, etc.).

Distelfink collected over 160 pounds of food that were donated to the Berks County Food Bank. Some seeds, particularly herbal seeds, were exchanged among some members. Some perennial herbal seeds were also planted in several garden areas across the Deitscherei.

Distelfink's event took place at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University. The site was perfect for the Sippschaft's needs, and they hope to have more events there in the future. 

Some photos from Distelfink's event are below.

Die Scheier

Der Aldaar

Pete and Re-Pete, the Butzemann