The Season IS the Reason!

Every year, at Yuletide, we are are bombarded with complaints about a "War on Christmas" and declarations that "Jesus is the reason for the season."

There are few things that are as far off track. First off, the "War on Yule" began long before any alleged War on Christmas. The War on Yule was so pernicious that Christmas subsumed myriad Yule traditions and mutated them so much that the average person thinks they were originally Christian traditions!

Santa Claus as a depiction of St. Nicholas... Seriously? How many reindeer are there in Anatolia?

Then there is the "Reason for the Season" statement. Honestly, there is such ignorance related to this claim. All indicators are, that if Jesus of Nazareth was indeed an historical figure, he was far more likely born in the late summer or early autumn. The placing of Christmas halfway into Yule is part of a Church strategy of undermining Saturnalia and Yule traditions in order to advance the Church's agenda.

Thus, Christmas is not the reason for this season of celebration. The reason is the Yule, or the winter solstice, which represents, among many other things, the victory of light over darkness. The new season of winter begins at Yule, but the days begin to lengthen. Therefore, the Season IS the Reason!