"Heil Dir, Holle"

At Trothmoot 2013 in Tehachapi, California, participants in the Holle Sege were treated to a wonderful experience. By Leticia Andreas' Holle Weih, Troth Elder Birgit Knorr shared her song, Heil Dir, Holle, to the group. I remember feeling the power around us rise as she sang her song. It was sublime.

Since that time, I was hoping that Birgit would make the song available. Thanks to Jan Hijatt and Birgit, the song is now on YouTube.

I am also working, with Birgit's permission, on translating the song into Deitsch for use in Urglaawe rituals. I am not sure that I can sing it as beautifully as Birgit does in the video, but music is something that we sorely need in rituals.

Birgit, Diana Paxson, and Michaela Macha (among others) are leaders in this area, and we at Distelfink hope to use the talent of some of our musically-gifted folks to add to the songs of Heathenry.

Thank you again, Birgit and Jan, for making this video available.